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Swarthmore Charity Fun Fair and Parade

Hello everyone, I wanted to remind everyone about RMAI participating in tomorrow's Swarthmore Charity Fun Fair. We will have our booth set up in space #1 which is supposedly set up across the street from the Dunkin Donuts on Park ave, (across from the train station). Our booth will be set up by 11:30am. We will be there all day if you'd like to stop by.


We would greatly appreciate as many students as possible put on their uniforms, and walk in the parade with us. We are set to meet at 11:45am on Park Avenue, just past the Methodist Church. Look for me in uniform with the other students.

Maybe if enough of us are there, we can show some techniques!

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Master Celona



Hello Everyone!

A few reminders:


Monday September 12 we will be holding GUP Testing in our regularly scheduled classes. As of this date this is the list of names, which may be subject to change depending on student performance.

John Bui

Gavin Beck

Wisdom Gossett

Gloria Guo

Nicholas Dukaj

Zion Babbitt

Kaelyn Roundtree

Owen Saltis

Lars Heinrich

Good luck to the candidates

GUP GRADUATION -9/16 at 7pm


Like a lot of things that are coming up for the remainder of the year, we are reprising our presence at this year’s Swarthmore Fun Fair. On Sunday, September 18th, we will be hosting our own booth within the Swarthmore Village. This is a chance for us as to show off our awesome school to those in the community and convince them to be warriors in training like us. Maybe not that exact wording but you know what I mean. Students are encouraged attend in full uniform help demonstrate some skills, do a little breaking, and...

rika 1.png

Having just turned 24 a little over a month ago, I am, by most people’s standards, still very

young. With the average life expectancy of a human now being 78.6 years old, I technically still

have about two thirds of my life left to live.

Speaking from a karate standpoint on the other hand, I feel as though my age isn’t doing me any


During the first six months to a year of being at RMAI, I was often the oldest beginner belt in the

room while there were several kids who, despite being younger than me by more than half my

age, were still considered my seniors in terms of rank.

Though I try not to compare myself to others, which is a constant issue I have, not only in karate

but in all aspects of life, I often look at some of these “Karate Kids” and find myself a little

envious of them. I didn’t start doing karate until after I had graduated college while a lot of the

younger advanced belts started taking classes before they even started kindergarten.

For a lot of these kids who’ve been training for most...


Before I ever stepped through the doors of Revolution Martial Arts Institute and learned my first

form or threw my first kick, Ralph Macchio, the teachings of Mr. Miyagi, and their Cobra Kai

adversaries were the only references I had when it came to karate. If you had parents that grew

up in the 80s, or lived through the 80s yourself, I’m sure this is a point of view that you can also


In all the times that I would practice Daniel’s infamous match point crane kick in my bedroom or

recite Cobra Kai’s “No Mercy” mantra…”we do not train to be merciful here, mercy is for the

weak,” you know where I’m going with this; martial arts training was not something I imagined

myself doing out in the real world.

For those of you that know me from class, or have recently seen me working behind the RMAI

desk, you might know a little bit of my story. For those that don’t, it is not my intention to make

this post, or any others in the future, an all about me rant. I’ll try my best anyway. Instead, I hope

that by...


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