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Happy Monday everyone,

I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding with the recent closures with the weather we've had. I hope you all have had a nice weekend, and your children had a chance to go out and play in the snow. Now that we've all had the opportunity to dig ourselves out, it's Monday and time to get back to work, so let's go.


Being that the snow caused us to delay our belt graduation ceremony, we will be conducting graduations this week. If you tested last week, Children will be promoted in the Young Gladiators class Monday & Tuesday, Teens and Adults will be promoted on Tuedsay night.


On Friday night, 1/26/24 at 6:30pm, as part of our Friday night Black Belt only class... We will also be holding our Black Belt promotion ceremony. For family members attending, we will be conductin the graduation at the very start of the class, before our regular warm up. All members Cho Dan Bo and up are invited to train. Congratulations to Jocelyn and Lauren again on their upcoming...


WEATHER UPDATE: Due to the ongoing snow, classes and graduation for today 1/19/2024 will be CANCELLED. Gup Graduation and new ranks will be presented on Monday and Tuesday of next week during classes. Updates regarding tomorrow's classes will be released later, depending on what time the snow stops. Stay warm!

Master Celona


Hello everyone,

Due to the weather and freezing temperatures tonight, we are cancelling classes for this evening. If the roads are in better condition tomorrow, classes will be back on schedule. We will update everyone around 2-2:30pm tomorrow for confirmation.

Be safe out there, see you tomorrow.

Master Celona

***** from previous updates *****

1/18/24 WILMINGTON FRIENDS SCHOOL Martial Arts Program.

Our newest affiliate program begins at 3:30pm on Thursday 1/18. For any Black Belts who are interested in assisting in this program should see Master Celona. You must provide your own travel.

1/19/24 GUP GRADUATION 7:00pm

Students who pass the test on Monday will be promoted Friday 1/19


In case you are unaware, we are forming our Demonstration Team for the Winter/Spring 2024 Season. The team is currently in the planning stages for its performance at the upcoming PMAA tournament. Students in the Young Gladiators class and the Warrior Class are eligible. Spots are limited, so sign up today. Practices will...


Hello everyone,


Important!! Tomorrow's,(1/15/24) MLK DAY Holiday Camp has been CANCELLED. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused, but we will not be having the day camp tomorrow. There will be an open mat training from 12:00-2:00pm however for those who may want some extra practice time, and we WILL be open for regular classes, and testing tomorrow.

The Following information is re-broadcasted from the last email.


On Monday 1/15 we will be holding our GUP testing. In the last two years we've experimented with different formats regarding testing. We want to announce that in 2024 we will be returning to our ORIGINAL format, which is: MONDAY belt exams will be given, and FRIDAY passing students will be promoted. The week long testing format in classes, did not produce the intended results. Students who wish to move up in rank, should make arrangements to be at the studio ON TIME on the day of the test to be considered for advancement. The loose format we adopted over the last few...


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great first week of 2024. I wanted to make a few announcements and reminders for everyone. Be sure to mark in your calendars all of the upcoming dates to be sure you don't miss anything... here we go:

1/13/24 RED BELT TESTING 1:00pm

The following people are elgible for promotion if they acquire all of their progress stripes

Maddie Clark

Ronald Rosati

Michael Carbonara

Sam Shieber

1/15/24 MLK DAY Holiday Camp

In light of everyone being off from work, and school in observation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's holiday, We thought we might offer the opportunity for interested students to come to our Day Camp on Monday 1/15 from 8am to 3pm. Price is $50 and will be a great day to get some good training in. In addition to having a regular training class. Students who are eligible for Monday's promotional exam will be tested in the morning (to avoid having to come back in the evening for testing). This event is not for Little Champions, only Gladiator and Warrior programs. Format for the day will...

2024 Winter CLASS SCHEDULE.jpg

Hello everyone,

A quick news update... TAKE NOTE.

This Friday


Friday December 15th at 6:30pm


Beginning Monday 12/18 through the week until 12/22 eligible students for promotion will evaluated during this time.

END OF YEAR TRAINING 2023 - Saturday 12/23/2023

Each year we spend the week between Christmas and New Years with family and preparing for the holidays as well as the upcoming new year. One tradition we always have is our annual year end training. I would HIGHLY encourage everyone to be there on Saturday 12/23 for classes as we close out 2023.


Studio closed on 12/24/2023 through 1/1/2024

Classes will resume on TUESDAY 1/2/2024


As we have done in the past, when many of the white belts move on to orange belt and the class shrinks in size, we tend to combine the two young gladiator groups. Refer to the following schedule (attached below) beginning on January 2. Note the addition of the extra 15 min...



Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great and enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday. Hopefully you all had the time to spend with your family. I am reminded every year of what is truly important and I am thankful for everything that I have and that which I've been blessed with. My wife Lisa, and son Max are forever grateful for having you all as a community and extended martial arts family. We wouldn't exist as a studio without you.

I would also like to mention how grateful I am for the RMAI Staff and my Black Belts which held down the fort, and ran all of the classes during the shortened week. For Kevin Dolan, The Shoreys, The Kurchans and Maddie Clark, I want to thank you all again for a great job. I hope everyone is aware of everything they do for the studio, and the ways they all contribute behind the scenes.

and without further ado... the news.


Beginning the week before Thanksgiving and ending this week, some students have already received their new ranks, the following people are eligible for...



Happy Monday everyone,

and now.. the news.

I wanted to get this week's update out today so people can make arrangements and plan accordingly. Classes for this week are on normal times as scheduled. For those who may have missed the information posted about last week's black belt testing and other events in the past, I highly recommend following all of our social media accounts, make sure your email is current, and bookmark our RMAI-NEWS on our website so that you will stay updated on everything going on. Links are always provided at the bottom of every email... be sure to scroll down to the bottom.. We provide updates at least once a week, especially when we have events and special class times/cancellations etc.. Just like I tell the students to fix their chambered hands and stances... parents, please... I love you all... BUT PLEASE READ THE UPDATES!!

OK.. speaking of events, we have coming up this Saturday our...


We are having a Nerf Party on 11/11 from 5 -7 pm. All students ages 7 and older...



Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween. I feel good that I didn't over indulge in candy this time around... (hope you didn't either). Here's what's going on...

This FRIDAY Schedule:

5:00pm BJJ

6:00pm Black Belt Only


Last fall we hosted a few FREE intro lessons for people to try martial arts. These events were a huge success, and those who participated last year, are in fact still training here a whole year later. (awesome) If you know anyone who might be interested, send them the link below. In addition, if anyone would like to help and assist in this class, let me know. These events are FREE, you just need to reserve your spot. sign up here: https://revolutionmartialartsinstitute.sites.zenplanner.com/event.cfm?eventId=F39DA1DD-7B74-4989-A79F-8C1E7970FCE9





Hello everyone!!

I hope you all are having a great week, a few quick things of note...

This Friday we are on REGULAR schedule. (5:00 BJJ, 6:30 Black Belt Only)


Regular Classes will be held at normal times... does not affect Black Belt testing outdoor portion (held separately) - meet at 9:00am at the Swarthmore College Track

Bring: Shoes to Run on the track, even better.. shoes for track and trail running. Water, workout clothes or clothes for training off the track/in the woods (long pants are ideal).

optional... bug/mosquito/tick spray. You can bring a small backpack to carry everything if you chose. (it will help you get a better workout if you wear it)

Parents may follow along to each workout station if they chose, or pick up at the parking lot after... we will have at least two adults present. ALSO... ANY BLACK BELT is invited to participate.

We're gonna have FUN!


Last fall we hosted a few FREE intro lessons for people to try martial arts....