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Happy Wednesday everyone, today is a rather large update with a lot of information, including Summer schedule. please read everything and take note:

YOUTUBE LIVE with Master Michael Celona & Sensei Chris Hanson: In the lead up to our joint seminar mid-month. Sensei Chris Hanson and I will be doing a few Youtube LIVE streams where we will be exploring some techniques and self-defense skills. Our preview stream will be tomorrow night during our 6:30 class on our YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/mastermcelona), and then Friday 5/3/24 part 2 will be at 4:00pm on The Karate Unity youtube channel. If you haven't already subscribed yet, you're missing out. There's a whole catalog of content for you. Go now and subscribe www.youtube.com/mastermcelona


Speaking of the seminar, We are once again hosting Sensei Chris Hanson from Karate Unity for our Martial Fusion seminar. May 18-19, (Saturday and Sunday) This year will be an expansion on...


Hello everyone, hope you're having a great day... I want to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in last weekend's PMAA Championships. I'm very proud of everyone and their effort, and I hope it was a great learning experience for all. I also wanted to publicly thank our staff and black belts who dedicated their time, and their entire Saturday to ensure that the event went off without a hitch, we couldn't have done it without you. Also congratulations to our Demo Team on their performance at the event. It was very entertaining, and enjoyed by all of the masters who had a front row seat.

and now... the news



After Master George Celona's visit to our studio last month, and Master Michael Celona's visit to Impact Martial Arts last Saturday... we are hosting Master Angel Celona tonight (April 16th). Please be sure to attend and make her feel welcome. We had a great time at the previous two events... This visit, I'm sure will be great.

TOMORROW: Pilsung Tournament Photo op!

If you competed in last...



This is the update for this week... take note:

Tonight's practice in all classes are tournament style. Many of you have your names on our tournament sign up sheet. Which by the way... those who have not turned in their applications, and paid... need to do so right away. Early registration discount ends on April 1st. Come in tonight, and get your work in. We know the other Pilsung Studios are preparing... you should as well.

3/23/24 (SATURDAY) No classes.


While we have been devoting a few minutes throughout the last few weeks to tournament practice, we have not set aside specific days to devote fully to preparation for the tournament. The following days and times are specifically set for tournament practice... as the event gets closer, we will likely add more:

Thursday March 21st - All Classes

Monday March 25th - All Classes

Tuesday March 26th - All Classes


Saturday April 13th at Strath Haven High School

All students of all...


Good Morning,

Here's the news update for the things coming up this week...

NO BOHK: For this whole week (March 11th through the 16th) we will be training in the format of "No-BOHK" meaning training in regular clothing or athletic shorts and t-shirt. No martial arts belts will be worn with your regular clothes. Just show up in what you wear everyday if you choose.


Students who are interested in the BJJ class, are permitted to try it out. The trial program is the same as the Karate program (4 weeks for $49.99). The only difference is that you have to purchase a BJJ Gi (uniform) as your Pilsung Dobohk will rip.

This program is NOT open to Little Champions, and Young Gladiator students need special permission by Master Celona if he determines you'd be good for the class.

Anyone in the 6:30pm class should be able to participate.


Some of you may or may not know that Master Celona's cousin George and his wife Angel are Master Instructors and own Impact Martial Arts in...


Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Here's the news...

A reminder that tonight is Gup testing for those who are eligible as per our last email. Testing group is not large enough to cancel classes tonight, so we will still be holding class according to our regular schedule.


While we have been devoting a few minutes throughout the last few weeks to tournament practice, we have not set aside specific days to devote fully to preparation for the tournament. The following days and times are specifically set for tournament practice... as the event gets closer, we will likely add more:

Tuesday February 27th 8:00pm -9:00pm (open)

Wednesday February 28th 6:00 -6:30pm (Young Gladiators only) 8:00 -9:00pm (Warrior Training only)

Thursday February 29th - All Classes

Tuesday March 5th 8:00pm -9:00pm (open)

Wednesday March 6th 6:00 -6:30pm (Young Gladiators only) 8:00 -9:00pm (Warrior Training only)

Saturday March 9th - All Classes

Friday March 15th 6:00pm 8pm (Red and above only)




I wanted to send out an update today to let you know some of the things we have going on. If you check your email, we are trying out a new email editor... it's super fancy... Hope you like it. I feel like it gives everyone the ability to navigate things and find links to things much quicker and easier, also I can add pictures and videos much easier... send me a message to let me know what you think.

OK... so now the updates.


On Monday, during regular class times, we will be holding Gup testing for students to be promoted... Upon passing the examination, New belt ranks will be awarded the following Friday. Students eligible are:

Primael Badou

Triumph Badou

Ibrohimnhoa Bahodir

Amar Gill

Colby Jones

Levi Jones

Reese Kampf

Alexander Krout

Mabel Matlin

Abdelrahim Menadli

Frances Mercurio

Anthony Pelaez

Sophia Pelaez

David Pezzeca

John luke Pinakidis

Leander Spina

Jonah Winder

Good Luck to all the candidates.



Happy Monday everyone,

I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding with the recent closures with the weather we've had. I hope you all have had a nice weekend, and your children had a chance to go out and play in the snow. Now that we've all had the opportunity to dig ourselves out, it's Monday and time to get back to work, so let's go.


Being that the snow caused us to delay our belt graduation ceremony, we will be conducting graduations this week. If you tested last week, Children will be promoted in the Young Gladiators class Monday & Tuesday, Teens and Adults will be promoted on Tuedsay night.


On Friday night, 1/26/24 at 6:30pm, as part of our Friday night Black Belt only class... We will also be holding our Black Belt promotion ceremony. For family members attending, we will be conductin the graduation at the very start of the class, before our regular warm up. All members Cho Dan Bo and up are invited to train. Congratulations to Jocelyn and Lauren again on their upcoming...


WEATHER UPDATE: Due to the ongoing snow, classes and graduation for today 1/19/2024 will be CANCELLED. Gup Graduation and new ranks will be presented on Monday and Tuesday of next week during classes. Updates regarding tomorrow's classes will be released later, depending on what time the snow stops. Stay warm!

Master Celona


Hello everyone,

Due to the weather and freezing temperatures tonight, we are cancelling classes for this evening. If the roads are in better condition tomorrow, classes will be back on schedule. We will update everyone around 2-2:30pm tomorrow for confirmation.

Be safe out there, see you tomorrow.

Master Celona

***** from previous updates *****

1/18/24 WILMINGTON FRIENDS SCHOOL Martial Arts Program.

Our newest affiliate program begins at 3:30pm on Thursday 1/18. For any Black Belts who are interested in assisting in this program should see Master Celona. You must provide your own travel.

1/19/24 GUP GRADUATION 7:00pm

Students who pass the test on Monday will be promoted Friday 1/19


In case you are unaware, we are forming our Demonstration Team for the Winter/Spring 2024 Season. The team is currently in the planning stages for its performance at the upcoming PMAA tournament. Students in the Young Gladiators class and the Warrior Class are eligible. Spots are limited, so sign up today. Practices will...


Hello everyone,


Important!! Tomorrow's,(1/15/24) MLK DAY Holiday Camp has been CANCELLED. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused, but we will not be having the day camp tomorrow. There will be an open mat training from 12:00-2:00pm however for those who may want some extra practice time, and we WILL be open for regular classes, and testing tomorrow.

The Following information is re-broadcasted from the last email.


On Monday 1/15 we will be holding our GUP testing. In the last two years we've experimented with different formats regarding testing. We want to announce that in 2024 we will be returning to our ORIGINAL format, which is: MONDAY belt exams will be given, and FRIDAY passing students will be promoted. The week long testing format in classes, did not produce the intended results. Students who wish to move up in rank, should make arrangements to be at the studio ON TIME on the day of the test to be considered for advancement. The loose format we adopted over the last few...