Hello everyone!!


For those who lost the link, or accidentally deleted it... or maybe it went into spam.. Here's the student manual:



FALL Schedule in effect. (See Below) if you have any questions as to which class you should attend, See a staff member.

ALSO... ALL students MUST be in FULL DOBOHK. T-shirts will not be permitted in classes. Please be sure to pack full uniform (jacket, pants, and belt). Students will not be permitted to join class without it. Parents, please avoid unnecessary inconvenience, and confirm your child has all the contents they need for class. That being said, it brings me to the next item...


We are bringing back the popular NO-BOHK class! All Classes NEXT WEEK (9/11-9/15) will be in the NO-BOHK format... meaning students are permitted to wear regular workout clothing, NO Dobohk or Belts required. Athletic Shorts, or even uniform pants with t-shirt is ok. Jeans, winter coat and scarf... it's up to you. No uniform (dobohk). Friday's (9/15) BJJ class will be NO-GI. - EXCEPT FRIDAY BLACK BELT ONLY CLASS and SATURDAY... (9/16 TESTING) Full Dobohk!!


Master Celona will be taking part in a special seminar event open to all martial artists over the age of 13 with at least 6 months experience. This is the FREE TRAINING DAY 2023 hosted by Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio. As per the title, this event is FREE, and is a great way to train and network with martial artists of all backgrounds and styles. Master Celona will be teaching a section of this event, and hopes as many of his students will attend. The event is on Saturday September 23, 2023 at Chichester High School in Boothwyn, PA (10 minute drive from RMAI). For more information click here: https://fb.me/e/3BGxYs85s


RMAI will be hosting a promotional booth at this event on Sunday October 1st


RMAI will be hosting a promotional booth at this event on Sunday October 8th


Our Black Belt testing cycle for the fall winter this year will experiment with a slightly different format. Instead of three separate qualifying exams, we will run two tests before the PMAA final in December, more information will follow... but here are the tentative dates:

TEST #1 RMAI Black Belt Qualifier (70%) 9/30 (Saturday) 9:00am

TEST #2 RMAI Black Belt Final Cut (85%) 11/4 (Saturday) 9:00am

TEST #3 P.M.A.A BLACK BELT FINAL EXAM 12/9 @Bucks County Karate 10:00am

PMAA TOURNAMENT - The originally scheduled PMAA Tournament has unfortunately been rescheduled for April 13, 2024. (sorry)

We apologize for this inconvenience. As a replacement, we are planning another Inner-School RMAI Tournament for students to practice and compete. Details will follow soon.

PAINTBALL - We are considering organizing an RMAI paintball trip for students 14 and older. In the past, we participated in studio field trips (unrelated to martial arts) as a way for students to bond and have fun. In the late 90s we used to go paintballing at Poco Loco in Limerick PA once a year. For those who might be interested... we originally thought of 10/14 as a possible date, but that will not work. We are thinking of something later in October, or early November.. be on the look out for more information.


Last fall we hosted a few FREE intro lessons for people to try martial arts. These events were a huge success, and those who participated last year, are in fact still training here a whole year later. (awesome) If you know anyone who might be interested, send them the link below. In addition, if anyone would like to help and assist in this class, let me know. These events are FREE, you just need to reserve your spot. sign up here:

EVENT #1 - 9/15/23 https://revolutionmartialartsinstitute.sites.zenplanner.c...

EVENT #2 - 10/13/23 https://revolutionmartialartsinstitute.sites.zenplanner.c...

EVENT #3 - 11/3/23 https://revolutionmartialartsinstitute.sites.zenplanner.c...


Parents, We are hosting a self-defense seminar on Saturday December 2 at 1:00pm Share this with all of your non-martial arts friends. Price is $50. You do not have to be an RMAI student to attend, this event is open to the general public.. Space is limited. Click here to RSVP. https://revolutionmartialartsinstitute.sites.zenplanner.c...


We are booking self-defense seminars for groups of about 10 or more. This is perfect for small business owners and social groups looking for team building, self-defense training, or just something fun and different. Seminars can take place at RMAI or at your facility. Email mailto:mastermcelona@gmail.com for more information.

COACHING - We are about to launch our martial arts based mindset coaching program for anyone 18 and older. This program will be tailored to those who want to achieve more in life, as well as in their business. It's a journey towards personal excellence that we are calling...


This program will be a mix of motivational/instructional videos, as well as 1 on 1 zoom and in person meetings for those who seek to improve their life, drawing on Martial arts history, and philosophy. This program is nearly four years in the making. Be on the lookout soon for more information if you're interested.

We are almost ready for launch, our goal is next week. Currently we are only taking about 10 clients for the personal coaching. If you're interested in a pre-launch price... respond to this email.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!