RMAI NEWS UPDATE 7/24/23 (important beach workout information inside!)

Hello everyone!!

A few important details regarding this week's schedule and the BEACH WORKOUT this Saturday... here we go!

Anyone who recently tested for new belt ranks last week, but could not attend graduation will be promoted in classes this week.

Normal class times will be in effect Monday through Thursday. This FRIDAY and SATURDAY the studio will be CLOSED (See below)


9:00am start time.

This event is open to EVERYONE! For those who normally plan on coming to class on Saturdays, know that class will be held at the BEACH.


Meeting time 8:30am on the beach in between 4th and 5th street. Look for the large GREY tent.

Parking is in between 5th and 6th street (start of Boardwalk)

Public Restrooms are on 6th Street

Beach Tags: Ocean City requires people purchase beach tags to be on the beach... normally they set up a place at each entrance to buy them. They are required only for people 12 and older, they are $10. You are responsible for your own beach tags. Normally we are done training before beach patrol comes around and asks... so as long as you don't leave mid-way... you are at your own discretion.

Training Attire: Training t-shirt, comfortable workout or bathing shorts AND Karate Belt, OR your full dobohk.

Note: For those wearing full uniforms, the typical lightweight 6 oz white uniforms become transparent in the water. Heavyweight uniforms, or Black Belt Uniforms typically are ok once they get wet, however weigh 1,000 lbs. choose wisely.


"What else should I bring?" Water for yourself, and what ever else you'd typically bring to the beach. Our plan normally is to train from 9:00am to 10:30-11am, and the rest of the day people are free to hang out on the beach and swim with their classmates.

"My child is in the Little Champions class, will they really be training for two hours?" Short answer... NO. In years past, we let the little ones train with everyone else until they either get tired, or run out of material to do... Usually about 30-40 minutes.

"Help me, I can't swim" Don't worry, we do not go any further into the water than knee deep for training, Black belts tend to go about waist deep. Little ones are usually only allowed to train in ankle/shin height for safety reasons. Although there will be quite a few of us there, we do recommend parents of the tiny students, set up their spot close by to monitor their child. We all work together and look out for one another, but ultimately we want the parents to be involved in helping keep their child safe.

In the event of rain: If it is heavy rain accompanied with lightning, we will evaluate the prospect of training later in the day. We will update the TEAM RMAI page with all details. If Saturday becomes a washout, we will consider Sunday morning, for those who are staying over night, but if it's only light drizzle on Saturday, we plan on still being out there.

This event has been going on for over a decade, and actually pre-dates RMAI by a few years, and we all have a great time training, and hanging out with everyone, we hope you all can make it.


Gup testing for Students will be on Saturday August 12, graduation will be on Friday August 18 at 7pm


Our Black Belt testing cycle for the fall winter this year will experiment with a slightly different format. Instead of three separate qualifying exams, we will run two tests before the PMAA final in December, more information will follow... but here are the tentative dates:

TEST #1 RMAI Black Belt Qualifier (70%) 9/30 (Saturday) 9:00am

TEST #2 RMAI Black Belt Final Cut (85%) 11/4 (Saturday) 9:00am

TEST #3 P.M.A.A BLACK BELT FINAL EXAM (tentative date) 12/2

PMAA TOURNAMENT - (tentative date) 10/7/2023

PAINTBALL - We are considering organizing an RMAI paintball trip for students 14 and older. In the past, we participated in studio field trips (unrelated to martial arts) as a way for students to bond and have fun. In the late 90s we used to go paintballing at Poco Loco in Limerick PA once a year. For those who might be interested... be on the lookout for a sign up sheet. We are thinking 10/14 as a possible date.


We are now booking self-defense seminars for groups of about 10 or more. This is perfect for small business owners and social groups looking for team building, self-defense training, or just something fun and different. Seminars can take place at RMAI or at your facility. Email for more information.

More information to come soon... stay tuned.

Have a great week everyone!