Happy Monday everyone!

Congratulations to the following people on the promotion to their new Black Belt ranks!

Magdalena Guron 2nd Dan

Eydiejo Kurchan 2nd Dan

Nathan Dur 1st Dan

Mark Bertotti 1st Dan

T-SHIRTS: For those who ordered new t-shirts. They have arrived, see a staff member to collect your order. In addition, we have put the Blue Long sleeve t-shirt, and the last remaining Red 2020, and Grey Pilsung 2018 shirts on clearance for $5.

7/15/23 - 7/21/23 GUP TESTING & Graduations

TESTING LIST: The following people are scheduled to test for their new ranks on Saturday July 15th.


Sam Randolph 8th Gup Orange Belt

Johnathan Ngo 8th Gup Orange Belt

Elodie Ackerman 8th Gup Orange Belt

Bea Perry 8th Gup Orange Belt

Jesse Saliba 8th Gup Orange Belt

Madelyn Ngo 4th Gup Blue Belt

Karter Barrett 4th Gup Blue Belt

Matteo Schuhl 3rd Gup Brown Belt

Logan Showers 3rd Gup Brown Belt

Ronnie Ferri 3rd Gup Brown Belt


Lars Heinrich 2nd Gup Red Belt

Milo D'Andrea 2nd Gup Red Belt

Michael Carbonara, Jr. 1st Gup Red Belt with White Stripe

Devika Renjit Cho Dan Bo

Dev Renjit Cho Dan Bo

Thankappan Renjit Cho Dan Bo

Please wish all of the candidates the best of luck.

BEACH WORKOUT - July 29 Ocean City, NJ. Mark your calendar for the Beach Workout, this year we are returning to Ocean City, NJ. Book your rooms now if you'd like to spend the weekend. We would like to have a rough estimate of how many people will be attending, please sign the list in the lobby.


We are now booking self-defense seminars for groups of about 10 or more. This is perfect for small business owners and social groups looking for team building, self-defense training, or just something fun and different. Seminars can take place at RMAI or at your facility. Email mailto:mastermcelona@gmail.com for more information.


Summertime also means that our schedule is open to accepting private lessons. High level, premium 30 minute private lessons to improve your skills. Limited spaces available, click here: https://revolutionmartialartsinstitute.sites.zenplanner.com/scheduler-calendar.cfm?appointmentTemplateId=0D89C2CA-E937-48BA-A4AF-4CCDD6B61E8C

Have a great week everyone!