Good morning!

I wanted to take moment to update everyone on some of the things going on:

Friday Night (2/24) Schedule:

Beginner BJJ: 5:00pm

Black Belt Only 6:30pm

Originally we were scheduled to have GUP Graduation at 7:00pm, however due to the small group, candidates will be promoted in class.

Saturday 2/25 is normal class schedule.

INNER-SCHOOL TOURNAMENT is next week! 3/4/23 Get signed up asap! Here's the link if you haven't done so already...


Our tentative schedule is this:

9:00am - Little Champions (3 - 6yrs old)

10:00am - Young Gladiators (7 - 11)

12:00pm - Warrior Training (12 and older & Red Belts and above).

We are highly requesting some more of our Black belts to sign up to make the competition more interesting.

Events are as follows:

Little Champions

Event A -Forms/Basics

Event B - Flag/Belt Sparring

Event C -Flying Side Kick

Young Gladiators

Event A Forms/Basics

Event B Point Sparring

Warrior Training

Event A Forms

Event B Weapons

Event C Sparring

BLACK BELT PRE-TEST 65% Qualifying Exam

Friday 3/10/23 5:00pm

Saturday 3/11/23 8:00am Physical Conditioning (the track @ Strath Haven Middle School)


Saturday March 18

The following people are eligible for promotion

9:15am Little Champions

Wyatt Krout

Alexander Krout

Elliot Acker

10:00am Young Gladiators

Andrew Nelson II

Jesse Saliba

Emerson Handley

Kyleigh Taylor

Kabir Almad Rawool

Sam Randolph

Harry Silverthorn

Johnathan Ngo

Jonas Santore

Ryan Sniezevage

Carson Craig

James Hu

Ronald Rosati III

Bella DeMarco

Maximus Celona

11:00am Warrior Training

Ronald Rosati

Maddie Clark

Lars Heinrich


River Winds Community Center - Thorofare, NJ

2023 MARTIAL FUSION SEMINAR with Chris from Karate Unity

April 14-16 2023

(only open to Warrior Training members)

Check out the trailer here:


Sign up link:


BLACK BELT PRE-TEST 75% Qualifying Exam

Friday 4/21/23 5:00pm

Saturday 4/22/23 8:00am Physical Conditioning (the track @ Strath Haven Middle School)

Other dates in not-to-distant future

4/22/23 GUP TEST

4/28/23 Graduation

5/13/23 GUP TEST

5/16/23 Martial Arts Photo Night (no classes) with RMAPCO - sign up sheet is in lobby

5/19/23 BLACK BELT PRE-TEST 85% Qualifying Exam

5/20/23 Graduation 12:30pm

5/26-5/29 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND (Studio Closed)

5/26 & 5/27 NAFMA NATIONALS Martial Arts Championships - Atlantic City, NJ

6/10/23 PMAA Black Belt Final Exam

That's all for now, enjoy the rest of your week!