Happy Monday everyone,

and now.. the news.

I wanted to get this week's update out today so people can make arrangements and plan accordingly. Classes for this week are on normal times as scheduled. For those who may have missed the information posted about last week's black belt testing and other events in the past, I highly recommend following all of our social media accounts, make sure your email is current, and bookmark our RMAI-NEWS on our website so that you will stay updated on everything going on. Links are always provided at the bottom of every email... be sure to scroll down to the bottom.. We provide updates at least once a week, especially when we have events and special class times/cancellations etc.. Just like I tell the students to fix their chambered hands and stances... parents, please... I love you all... BUT PLEASE READ THE UPDATES!!

OK.. speaking of events, we have coming up this Saturday our...


We are having a Nerf Party on 11/11 from 5 -7 pm. All students ages 7 and older are permitted. Here's what you need to know:

7 and older...

If we have a lot of kids who are 10 and older, we will split into two groups and they will have their nerf battle in shifts to try and limit the possibility of bigger/more aggressive older kids hurting or upsetting younger children.

BRING YOUR OWN NERF STUFF!! We are NOT supplying Nerf Guns, or darts.

Label/write your name on your stuff... and your darts. It just makes it easier.

Bring a bottle of water...

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Eye protection!

Sign up link is here: https://revolutionmartialartsinstitute.sites.zenplanner.com/event.cfm?eventId=7614A77F-15D5-4CDB-94D8-B2AC6DA44487

THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY - Studio closed 11/23 - 11/26

ALSO.. BLACK FRIDAY, will be when we have our Annual Holiday sale. This year, to make things easier, we will be hosting a VIDEO LIVE STREAM on our social media platforms for people to see some of our products and specials so that you won't even have to leave your house! More information will be coming up soon, including links and everything...


For those who lost the link, or accidentally deleted it... or maybe it went into spam.. Here's the student manual:- RMAI MANUAL PDF


Parents, We are hosting a self-defense seminar on Saturday December 2 at 1:00pm Share this with all of your non-martial arts friends. Price is $50. You do not have to be an RMAI student to attend, this event is open to the general public.. Space is limited. Click here to RSVP. https://revolutionmartialartsinstitute.sites.zenplanner.com/event.cfm?eventId=F27235F5-84AE-4C1B-8445-1460A12BB04A

P.M.A.A BLACK BELT FINAL EXAM 12/9 @Bucks County Karate 10:00am



We are booking self-defense seminars for groups of about 10 or more. This is perfect for small business owners and social groups looking for team building, self-defense training, or just something fun and different. Seminars can take place at RMAI or at your facility. Email mailto:mastermcelona@gmail.com for more information.

Have a good week.