RMAI EVENT REMINDER - Flyers Demo Information

RMAI NEWS UPDATE (important FLYERS DEMO information)

Hello everyone, I wanted to give a definitive update to this weekend's event.

I'm very excited for our martial arts demonstration at the Wells Fargo Center this weekend as the Philadelphia Flyers take on the New York Rangers.

Here's the important information...

Everyone performing must be parked in the lot and ready to enter the building at 5:00.

Meet at the entrance on the 11th Street Side.

We've been permitted to be let in at 5:10 SHARP!! (Performing members only)

EVERYONE PERFORMING has to fill out this waiver:




Event: Concourse Performance

Family members and students not performing will be let in with the General Public at 5:30pm

I would recommend the family members and those watching the demonstration wait at our performing area (as they call it, the "4 Pillars" area) until after the performance is over.

Once the performers are let in, our handler (Joe Rossi) will take us to the changing rooms on the lower level. Performers are to QUICKLY get changed and be ready to roll.

Performance timeslot is from 5:40 to 6:10pm. Currently our total performance time is about 25 mins.

OH!! As of right now, there's NO Vehicle display in our performance area (Yaaaay!)

After performance is over, we will immediately be taken back to the dressing rooms to get changed QUICKLY (there's a group using the dressing rooms after our group). After everyone has gotten changed, a staff member will take us to an access door where we will be allowed to go outside and take our belongings back to our vehicles. NOTE: Recommended to park on the side of the building closest to I-95 to expedite this process. Then we will be allowed back into the building to enjoy the game.

OUR SECTION IS 222A (Second Level)

Tickets are now HERE at the studio, and are ready to be distributed/picked up by the families. Anyone not able to get to RMAI in the next few days to pick up their ticket, I will bring them along and give it to you in the parking lot before we get let in (DON'T BE LATE!!)

I think that's it.... I'm excited. See you all soon!